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Finally! After many technical difficulties and a few lost posts, I got my blog back to working!

Welcome to the 2020 Cat Lovers Hop, (our 6th year!) hosted by HerPeacefulGarden.

As you know, I look forward to this hop each year. Unfortunately, those of you who follow my blog know that I haven’t been able to craft as much this year, as what little energy I have has been used up caring for my folks. In trying to get ready for this hop, I find out I’ve been away so long that WordPress has completely changed up the format and it’s like learning how to make a post all over again. Argh! (I think there’s something to that saying about not being able to teach an old cat new tricks!) Ok, enough caterwauling!

I found this adorable little hand held massager at the Dollar Tree. Not only is it cute, but it’s perfect for my mom whose psoriatic arthritis makes it too painful for her to give my dad a back massage that distracts him from his pancreatic cancer pain. This allows her to knead his muscles without hurting her hands.

I was hunting for a cat stamp to shadow my printed punny sentiment, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. They say necessity is the mother of invention… So I drew and drew a likeness of the cat until I was satisfied with it — which reminded my why I really prefer buying stamps!! After printing the message on cardstock, I cut out the tag (Spellbinders Exquisite Labels 11)and then traced my cat image and colored it in. On the back side I used the cutout of the cat image and then wrote a personal note around it.

I copied my drawing and made this .jpg file (aka “digi”) in case you happen to find a similar massager at your local dollar store and want to use my kitty drawing for a card. You should be able to right click and save it. If not, you’ll have to take a screen shot or draw you own. I rarely use digis, so I don’t know anything about re-sizing, etc., sorry, but I’m sure you can figure it out! Tag me or come back and comment when you post your project so I can cheer your efforts!

This will be my only entry in this year’s Cat Lovers Hop. I hope you have a FURbulous day and enjoy the rest of the hop!



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20 thoughts on “MEWsager Gift Tag

  1. Hello D. Ann – so good to see you managed to join the Cat Lovers Hop! I’m sorry to hear that your parents are struggling and I’m sending you a virtual hug! Your dollar store kitty massager is adorable, as well as practical, and the tag you made is just purrfect! xx


  2. D.Ann, so good to see you even if this is your only entry. 😀 How very creative of you to turn the massager into a cat design for your card! Thanks so much for sharing it with us as a digi.


  3. Yay, I am sooooo happy to see you join in with one of your fabulously creative projects. You always put such a fun, creative touch and I just love it. This is adorable and makes a purrfect gift.


  4. Hello, D’Ann! I am so happy to see you at the hop – I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment. This is such a cute gift for your parents and I adore the little tag you made. Hope you’re doing okay, my friend.


  5. How wonderful to see you dropping in, even if only for a little while D.Ann. What a thoughtful gift for your parents, with a fun kitty twist. I hope that your dad and mom find comfort in this sweet little gift and tag.


  6. What an awesome entry! You did a great job drawing your own kitty! Love the tag. It goes perfect with the kitty masager! My heart goes out to you! Love and blessings to you!


  7. Well, look what the cat dragged in…….ME!!! lol….
    I’m so glad you were able to participate, D.Ann. The Hops just wouldn’t be the same without you showing up with one (or more!) of your delightful projects. What a brilliant idea to give the massager with this custom-made tag! It’s an adorable gift…..what could be more perfect that a cat kneading sore and tight muscles? (Although my Jetta finds a soft place on my belly and goes to town with happy feet! Maybe I need to lose some of that flab! Ha!) Love how you drew the kitty for your tag to match the massager…..a remarkable likeness! Thank you for sharing your image!! The sentiment on the tag is so sweet, too. Well done, my friend! I am sure this gift brightened their day.

    Sorry that your parents are still struggling so much with their physical conditions. You have your hands full with all your loving care for them…not to mention for yourself! (Don’t forget YOU!) Sending kitty hugs and furry rubs to you. Take care!

    I have been slow at visiting everyone, but I am delighted to be making my rounds and seeing what all the Hoppers have shared. Thank you so much for joining in the feline fun at our #2020CatLoversHop!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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