Welcome to D.Ann’s Crafting Whims… my tentative foray into the 21st century! Pardon my prehistoric dust as I attempt to construct this site. Progress will be slowed by my chronic illness, but I invite you to follow along as I attempt to play around and learn new crafts and techniques in various areas… cards, beading, wire wrapping, crochet, knitting, painting, multi-media… wherever the whim takes me. The end result often allows me to have the satisfaction of producing works of art that I can share with friends and family. Seeing their delight warms my heart and inspires me to keep on creating and improving.

Thanks for stopping by!

– D.Ann


1 thought on “Welcome

  1. D.Ann…have been enjoying your blog! I have a chronic illness as well and decided crafting and blogging about it would be a great way to pass the time. Boy, does it pass time. Much of it spent trying to navigate my way around my blog. We can compare notes about WordPress!

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