Wake Up Brave ‘Floating’ Masculine Card and Personal Update

Hello! It sure has been a long time!!

Many thanks to those of you who have written inquiring why I’ve been away so long and then sent encouraging notes!! My heart always swells with your kindness!!

For those of you unaware, it’s been a rough few months: It started with the 40 year concrete reformation on my building that required everything off my patio for a few months… no small feat as my patio is about 1/2 the size of my efficiency! That left me with just a path from the kitchen to my bed and hardly any room to turn around, let alone craft. Then we decided to evacuate with Dorian as having gone through Andrew and Wilma taught us we never want to risk Cat 4/5 storms if at all possible. I sure feel for the folks in the Bahamas!! One small wobble and that could have been us. To top it off there have been some major family and personal health issues. As you know, it’s hard enough for me to keep up when life is ‘normal’ let alone upside-down. Despite all of that, I DO have a few posts back-logged and will post them as I can.

Enough about me. I wanted return by sharing with you this masculine ‘floating’ see-through Wake Up Brave card I made for my father who has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (he starts chemo tomorrow):

Supplies used:

  • Altenew Dodec cover die
  • Spellbinders Labels 18 dies
  • DCWV Shimmer Stack cardstock
  • Sookwang Scor-tape
  • Metal token from Hobby Lobby
  • Acetate repurposed from packaging

May we all Wake Up Brave as we face each day!

I intend to be back in time for the Cat Lovers Hop (5th year!) coming up the 21st (if not before). See you there!!

Hugs to you all and thanks for your continued support!



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5 thoughts on “Wake Up Brave ‘Floating’ Masculine Card and Personal Update

  1. Good to hear from you and so sorry about your Dad. But this card you made will be a perfect reminder of encouragement each time he sees it. It is gorgeous! I hope he can beat this terrible cancer. My Mom had that kind too!


  2. Oh no, D.Ann, I’m so sorry to read about what you’ve been going through, as well as your Dad’s diagnosis. I will pray that his chemo treatments are successful and that he’ll be well again soon. Your card is gorgeous, and I am sure your Dad appreciates it. I’m glad to read that you will be joining the Cat Lovers Hop – actually I have been wondering about you, especially with the hop approaching. I haven’t been crafting or blogging much myself for the last few months as we’ve been having some rough times here as well. However, I am determined to join the hop and have already started planning some cards. Stay strong and thanks for letting us know what has been going on with you. Will be thinking about you and praying for both you and your Dad. Sending hugs.


  3. So good to see you on your blog again, D.Ann!! So sorry about all the upheavals and health problems you and family have been facing. Very glad you are safe from the hurricanes. I always think and pray for my SE friends during those storms.
    My heart goes out to your family as your Dad struggles with this cancer. Praying the chemo will be effective and that he will be strengthened and encouraged by your stunningly beautiful card. That clear design is just AMAZING!!
    Hooray for the upcoming Cat Lovers Hop!! So glad you will be joining us again. It’s going to be great!!! See you there!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  4. You have been missed, D.Ann. So good to see you back blogging again. Love this fantastic card! What a great technique making it see through. Keeping you and family in prayers.


  5. I’m so glad to see you back D.Ann, but really sorry to hear about your dad. I knew about the problems with the concrete renovations but didn’t realize that you had to deal with evacuating for Dorian, and now your dad’s health issues. That is a beautiful card, which will be much appreciated by your family I’m sure. I’ll be looking forward to see you in the Cat Hop, and will be praying for your family and dad as you go through this difficult time. Hugs.


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