DIY Cloth Face Masks

When I recently was asked to make some more cloth face masks for the coronavirus, COVID-19 requirements when out and about, I went back to my recent post (HERE) and was chagrined to see that I had only noted where I found the information for the mask covers, but not the plain masks. Hence I determined to add a little more detail in this post so I can refer back to it the the next time I need to make some more. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you, dear reader, should you choose to try your hand at making an adult reversible cloth face mask. Speaking of hands, make sure to wash your hands well before starting this project!

This time I used:

  • two 9″x7″ pieces of 100% cotton pre-washed material (last time it was 9×6 and I though it was too small),
  • a 4″x1 3/4″ piece of material to hold the pipe-cleaner nose piece,
  • two 4″ pieces of pipe cleaner (aka chenille stems) and
  • two 7″ pieces of 1/4″ elastic (thanks, sweet cuz, for sending me what you had, as there’s none to be found down here!)

To make the nose-piece, fold the small 4″x1 3/4″ piece of material in half and place the two pipe cleaner pieces inside, near the fold, then sew around the three open sides: across the pipe cleaners on the two short sides and close to them on the long side.

Place the two large pieces of fabric right sides together. Center the nose piece on the top of 9″ side, between the two layers of fabric, with the pipe cleaners hanging outside the fabric with the seam just inside the edges of the material and pin the two ends. Start sewing a 1/4″ seam across the bottom of the 9″ side (the side opposite the nose piece), starting about 4″ in from the 7″ edge.

Turn the corner 1/4″ from the edge and, after a stitch or two, put one of the elastic pieces in between the two pieces of fabric, setting the edge flush with the edges of the fabric. I sew back and forth over the elastic a couple of times to keep it from pulling out. Continue sewing this side, being careful not to tangle the elastic into your seam until you reach about 1/2″ from the corner. Gently pull the free end of the elastic between the fabric pieces, making sure it isn’t twisted, set it flush with the edges of the fabric and sew over it several times, then continue to 1/4″ from the corner.

Turn the corner and continue across the top edge, sewing back and forth across the nose piece before continuing to the next corner.

Turn the corner and stitch this side, adding the elastic just like you did the opposite side.

Turn the corner and stitch about 1/2-1″, leaving a 2-2.5″ opening. It will look something like the piece on the left of the picture below:

Turn the mask inside out by pushing the fabric through the opening and poking out the corners and press. Top stitch 1/8″ around the entire rectangle, making sure the edges of the unfinished ‘hole’ for turning the mask inside-out are tucked in. Trim any excess material from the nose piece, making sure not to cut the seams on either side.

Note: The above steps are easily found on most any other DIY post in case you’re totally confused by now.

Making the pleats, however, is where I had a little difficulty both times and really wished someone had posted a picture to help my pea brain figure it out. This time, I took a picture to help me out next time:

Fold back 1 1/4″ from the bottom. Fold up 1/2″ and pin. Repeat twice, 1/2″ further up each time, leaving 1/2″ at the top, as seen above. Sew across the entire edge several times to reinforce the pleats as they will feel the pull. (My old machine gave me fits a couple of times due to the thickness of the fabric. Repeat on the other end. Press with a hot iron. below, you can see the difference between the previous ones that were 6″ (left) vs these that were 7″ (right). I think the pleats turned out much better this time and hope they worked well.

Being in a family where all three of us have severely compromised immune systems, my thanks to all who have chosen to unselfishly wear cloth masks in public to help protect others during this pandemic!



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DIY Cloth Face Masks and Mask Covers

Yep, like everyone around the globe who has a sewing machine, I tried my hand at making some reversible cloth face masks for some friends, since they have been required by law down here while doing ‘essential activities’ during the COVID-19 coronavirus. I couldn’t find elastic, but did find an old piece of 3/4″ wide black elastic for a waist band that I was able to cut in thirds and use…


For more details on making the face masks above, please see THIS post (HERE).

We found a few N95 masks in our hurricane stash that were over 10 years old… so old the sponge nose rests had rotted (eww!). They weren’t good enough to donate. Plus, since we are all immunocompromised, we’ve always had a few of the surgical face masks on hand for use when going into risky situations like large public assemblies, doctors’ offices, etc. Now that we won’t be able to get more for the foreseeable future, I decided to make some washable covers for them to try to help make them last longer. I found a nice, easy pattern on Craft Passion’s blog (HERE) and adapted it some to be reversible and just slip the masks inside, hence no need for sewing on elastic.

After I made them up, I realized the N95 masks loop up and over your head, not around your ears! Oops! But it was an easy fix… just pull one opposite staple from each side and re-close them around the elastic on the same side.

If you’re trying this, they fit fine for larger faces, but smaller faces, you’ll have to cut off an inch or two of the elastic.

As you can tell, they are a smidge big, but after you get the mask inside, it’s easy to tuck the extra up… you can even pin it with a safety pin, being careful no to pierce the mask inside.

Once I got them figured out, they were fairly easy, but 9 were enough for me. My hat is off to those who have lovingly made hundreds of these for those in need!!

Y’all stay safe and healthy and wash those hands!!



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Flannel Coffee Sleeve & 100th Post Blog Candy

Wow, I can hardly believe this is my 100th post! What more fitting time for it to fall than for the Coffee Loving Cardmakers’ Winter Coffee Lovers Hop, as it was their Spring hop and Photobucket’s failure to allow comments that finally pushed me into the 21st century and to start this blog almost 9 months ago. I’ve been amazed to have over 30 subscribers and over 1400 visitors already (155 of you yesterday), leaving over 1100 sweet comments. I know it’s small beans to most of you seasoned bloggers, but it blows me away! Thank you all for your support and following my crafts wherever the whim takes me!

Today’s project are a pair of nice, warm wintry flannel coffee sleeves I made. One for a friend, and one for blog candy. (More on that later. wink-wink.)


I’m sure you can easily find tutorials on the net, so I didn’t bother with a tutorial. I will, however give you a couple of tips if found helpful to keep in mind…

  • Make sure you have your two pieces of material with right sides facing each other and the interfacing on top of the piece that you want to be facing out.
  • Remember, the wider the sleeve, the easier it will be to turn it inside-out after you sew up the three sides.
  • You’ll also note I cut my ends at a different angle than the sleeve I used as a pattern. That’s because I wanted them to overlap straight.


  • And make sure your hair band (a new one, of course!) is between the two pieces of material, with the connector outside your seam and the loop for the button toward the inside. (I goofed this up and did it reverse on the first go-round.)


  • Sew back and forth a couple of times over the elastic. Then when turned inside out, top stitch over it a couple more times to give it strength.


Materials used:

  • JoAnn Snuggle Flannel Fabric – Coffee Anyone by Springs Creative Products Group
  • Heavyweight interfacing
  • Brown thread
  • Elastic hair tie
  • Recollections button embellishments (remove the foam backing)

If you’d like to join the Winter Coffee Lovers Hop, too, you can check it out here:


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Now, about that blog candy for you, my peeps!


Would you like to have a chance at winning this flannel coffee sleeve! (Sorry, the other one is already spoken for!) Pay close attention: Leave ONE comment on this post before 8 am EASTERN time, Sunday, December 20, 2015, telling me: which you do more… buy your hot drinks to-go, or make your own?  If you don’t answer the question in your comment, I’ll assume you’re not interested in the blog candy (and won’t be offended!). ONE ENTRY/COMMENT per person for this sleeve! (Blog followers, keep reading and you’ll find out why the change to my usual candy rules!) On December 20, 2015 I will use Mr. Random org to draw a winner from the comments that qualify and announce it here on the blog some time before noon EASTERN time. The winner will have 72 hours to contact me with their snail-mail address or another winner will be chosen.

Here’s a second blog candy giveaway JUST FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOW MY BLOG – USA mailing addresses only (Sorry, international peeps, it’s just too expensive to send heavier ‘candy’.):


I got an extra yard of this material to share with one of you! It’s JoAnn Snuggle Flannel Fabric – Coffee Anyone you can make anything you can imagine with it -except children’s sleepwear, as written on the selvage edge – coffee sleeves, teapot cozies, place mats, curtains, clothing… whatever!

Would you like to have a chance at winning a yard of this flannel coffee fabric? Pay close attention: You MUST be a follower of this blog. If you’re not already, there’s a button on the home page that says FOLLOW where you can sign up. Leave a SECOND comment (or a first if you’re not interested in the sleeve) on this post before 8 am EASTERN time, Sunday, December 20, 2015, telling me that you are a follower AND what you’d make with this fabric. If you don’t tell me that you are a follower AND what you’d make in your comment, I’ll assume you’re not interested in the blog candy (and won’t be offended!). ONE ENTRY per follower! (Again, sorry, international peeps, you can’t win this one, but the other blog candy IS open to anyone.) On December 20, 2015 I will use Mr. Random org to draw a winner from the comments that qualify and announce it here on the blog some time before noon EASTERN time. The winner will have 72 hours to contact me with their snail-mail address or another winner will be chosen.

Almost forgot to mention… since this is fabric and for those of you that care, this is a smoke-free, pet-free home. (although, if I had my druther’s, I’d rather have a cat! sigh)

Thanks again for all your support and kind, sweet comments!



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