DIY Cloth Face Masks and Mask Covers

Yep, like everyone around the globe who has a sewing machine, I tried my hand at making some reversible cloth face masks for some friends, since they have been required by law down here while doing ‘essential activities’ during the COVID-19 coronavirus. I couldn’t find elastic, but did find an old piece of 3/4″ wide black elastic for a waist band that I was able to cut in thirds and use…


For more details on making the face masks above, please see THIS post (HERE).

We found a few N95 masks in our hurricane stash that were over 10 years old… so old the sponge nose rests had rotted (eww!). They weren’t good enough to donate. Plus, since we are all immunocompromised, we’ve always had a few of the surgical face masks on hand for use when going into risky situations like large public assemblies, doctors’ offices, etc. Now that we won’t be able to get more for the foreseeable future, I decided to make some washable covers for them to try to help make them last longer. I found a nice, easy pattern on Craft Passion’s blog (HERE) and adapted it some to be reversible and just slip the masks inside, hence no need for sewing on elastic.

After I made them up, I realized the N95 masks loop up and over your head, not around your ears! Oops! But it was an easy fix… just pull one opposite staple from each side and re-close them around the elastic on the same side.

If you’re trying this, they fit fine for larger faces, but smaller faces, you’ll have to cut off an inch or two of the elastic.

As you can tell, they are a smidge big, but after you get the mask inside, it’s easy to tuck the extra up… you can even pin it with a safety pin, being careful no to pierce the mask inside.

Once I got them figured out, they were fairly easy, but 9 were enough for me. My hat is off to those who have lovingly made hundreds of these for those in need!!

Y’all stay safe and healthy and wash those hands!!



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