2019 – The Year In Review

Phew! Another year and another decade have slipped by! Here’s hoping the upcoming year and beyond are WAY better!

Despite only being able to do 20 posts last year, I was tickled pink to have 3766 visitors and 82 followers from 78 countries visit and leave scores of comments. Thank you all!!!

Despite my limited activity, I did have a couple of special honors last year:

  • On September 12, 2019, I was pleased to be featured in the ‘Caught by Altenew‘ Instagram post for this project (Blog post HERE; Instagram post HERE):



Here are the top nine from the 1150+ likes on my 34 posts on Instagram:

Looks like cards with beaches, cats and mice rule!

For the year ahead, I have some posts in draft that I wasn’t able to finish and I HOPE to get to do more crafting and posting this year. My health problems continue, plus now I’m battling the insurance company to reinstate my disability.  Dad is still doing chemo and his pancreatic cancer markers have fallen considerably, so that is good! My 5 year blogiversary is coming up this year, too. Thank you all for sticking with me and giving me so much encouragement as I continue to craft wherever the whim takes me!




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3 thoughts on “2019 – The Year In Review

  1. What a lovely post, D.Ann. Been missing you, friend! Congratulations on the very well-deserved honors. Your projects are always over the top creative and beautiful. Glad to hear the report on your Dad….and will pray the trends will continue. Wishing you health and strength and a hopeful New Year!! Looking fwd to those back-logged projects!! Much love to you!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

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  2. I’ve been thinking about D.Ann, so was really happy to see this post. That’s wonderful about your dad’s progress, and I’ll be praying for continuing results. I know that 2019 was a rather rough year and I’m sure you’re eager to shake off the cobwebs from 2019 and start a fresh new year. It’s no surprise that you were noticed by several craft manufacturers, because your beautiful and creative projects are real stand-outs. Best to you in 2020, and I’ll be watching for IG and blog posts coming up.

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