HOYA doin?!

Hello, hello! I hadn’t realized how long I’d been away until I started getting e-mails from you sweet readers checking up on me. Apologies! I’ve been sick a lot and that, combined with the loss of a loved family member, has kept me away for several weeks. I’m happy to be back now and wanted to check in with you all:

Hoya doin?!  : )

A while ago, of my cousins gave me a start of her Hoya (Hoya fungii, I think) and it has finally bloomed. I love how thick and waxy the inner bloom appears and the outer part looks like fuzzy stars!

They bloom in a cluster from the hanging vine. This beautiful ball of blooms measures 3″ across.

I sure hope you have a LOVELY day! I’m also glad to be back to crafting and will be right back with the first card I’ve made in a while.

See you soon,



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4 thoughts on “HOYA doin?!

  1. So glad to see you back D.Ann, but I’m sorry you’ve been sick and so sorry to hear of your loss. Your lovely photo is a sweet reminder of the ebb and flow of life. I’ve never seen flowers like this and they do look just like fuzzy little stars! Hoping that crafting gives you renewed energy, and I look forward to seeing your card Hugs


  2. Hi D.Ann!! So sorry to hear of your loss in the family. That is never easy.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.
    Those flowers are magnificent! I have never heard of them. Will have to show
    the hubby. He is into Bonsai as a hobby (has sold a few as well!) and will be very
    interested in this gorgeous plant. How unique it is!


    • Thanks, sweetie! FYI: The garden shop down at Sears on Copans usually has some with different blooms and leaves. Oh, my bonsai isn’t doing so great, I should pick your hubby’s brain sometime. : )


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