Sea Urchin + Air Plant = Jellyfish

Let’s take a break from papercraft – I have a fun little garden project for you. Last time we were at Sanibel Island, we collected a bunch of sea urchins. What to do with them?


Add an air plant and you have an instant hanging jellyfish! So cute!

How to do it?

Cut off some fishing line, fold it in half and pull the loop through the holes in the sea urchin. First, though, remove the spines – if any – still remaining on your sea urchin. Save them to use for butterfly antennae on art projects. : ) Then, tie a know around a button that will pull up against the hole.



With a knot on each side of the button, put glue on top of the button and pull it through the inside of the urchin and secure it to the top. (I used E-6000 glue.) Next, place the air plant’s roots inside the bottom of the sea urchin and tie the ends of the fishing line around the plant to secure it. Cut off the excess fishing line.


As sea urchins are fragile, do not hang them in a place they will get blown by the wind against something or against a window on a door that moves, or they will break! Voice of experience!! Here in S Florida, air plants love to live in trees, so I put mine where they get bright, but filtered sunlight and spritz them once a week. – I’ve read they take in water through their leaves, not their roots.


This one was done with a silver cord instead of fishing line. I think the fishing line will last longer. We’ll see.

Have a good week and remember… Just keep swimming! (Oh, you made me ink!!)



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