Pastel Flowers Speak – the details

This post is to give additional information to those of you who are interested in how to make the embossed tissue paper flowers from yesterday’s post.

20150419_115401aW (Click on picture to enlarge.)

Here are the details…

Fold pastel yellow and pastel orange tissue paper into 9 layers. Die cut with The Cat’s Pajamas Five Petal Posies die.

20150419_081129aW (Ignore that I cut twice… I only folded 8 layers and needed 1 more)

Keep all the layers together and emboss each set  using The Cat’s Pajamas Lacy Posies die.

20150419_081717aW (Click on picture to enlarge.)

Note: Due to the static of the rubber embossing mat, I found it easiest to lay the tissue paper onto the rubber embossing mat and lay the die on top, then place the other plates around it.

20150419_081354aW  20150419_081420aW

Carefully separate the individual layers of embossed tissue paper flowers.

20150419_082338aW  20150419_082412aW

Choose one orange and one yellow embossed tissue paper flower. Place a 3/8 inch Tombow Adhesive Dot in the center of the bottom flower. While holding the dot with one finger, carefully peel away the plastic from the top side of the dot with your other hand. I just left my thumbnail stuck on the glue dot while I continued to the next step.

20150419_113912aW (Click on picture to enlarge.)

Carefully line up the second flower and place it on top of the glue dot and gently remove your finger/thumb. You will not be able to move the flower without ripping it once it has touched the glue dot. (Trust me! haha!) I tried to line mine up so the bottom petals fell in between the top ones.

20150419_113950aW (Click on picture to enlarge.)

I found these glue dots are thin enough to be able to fold without a problem. Fold the flower in half (no need to crease it).

20150419_113950bW (Click on picture to enlarge.)

And fold it in half again (still no need to crease it).

20150419_113950cW (Click on picture to enlarge.)

Fold down a small bit of the bottom point. This is what you will attach to the flower  base on the card.

20150419_113950dW (Click on picture to enlarge.)

You will need three of these for each flower. So repeat the above process 8 more times.

For the base card:

Cut a 10″x7″ piece of pastel orange cardstock and fold it in half to make a 5″x7″ card. Cut a 4.5″ x 6.5″ piece of pastel yellow cardstock. Die cut The Cat’s Pajamas Five Petal Posies three times in the yellow cardstock, running off the page a little. Die cut three times in pastel green cardstock. Emboss the green posies using The Cat’s Pajamas Lacy Posies die. Place the green cardstock in the die cut holes of the yellow cardstock panel. Tape the back side to hold in place. Use Tombow Xtreme adhesive to attach yellow cardstock and green flowers to orange card. Fold pastel green tissue paper into 8 or 9 layers. Die cut with Five Petal Posies die, then emboss with Lacy Posies die. (Note: Again, due to the static of the rubber embossing mat, I found it easiest to lay the tissue paper onto the rubber embossing mat and lay the die on top, then place the sandwich around it.) Carefully pull off 3 of the embossed tissue flowers. Run glue dots over the green cardstock flowers and attach the tissue flowers on top. Run an anti-static bag over the area to be heat embossed with the sentiment. Stamp sentiment in Versamark ink and sprinkle Hampton Art light green embossing powder over sentiment. Heat emboss. Fill in the word SPEAK with marker.

20150419_082642aW (Click on picture to enlarge.)

To assemble the flowers:

Place three glue dots in the middle of each flower base on the card. With the folded edge toward the center of the flower, place the base of the folded, embossed tissue paper flower on a glue dot and press firmly.

20150419_114429aW (Click on picture to enlarge.)

Once all three flowers are attached, fluff the tissue paper as desired.

20150419_115432aW (Click on picture to enlarge.)

The bases of the folded, embossed tissue paper could also be wired together to make a flower that you could attach to a gift bag, pencil, or anything. Or you could make a bouquet. The possibilities are endless! Have fun!


Again, here is a list of the supplies used:

The Cat’s Pajamas  Lacy Posies and Five Petal Posies dies

The Cat’s Pajamas Patterned Petals stamp set

Versamark ink

Hampton Art light green embossing powder

Copic YR02 marker

Tombow Adhesive Dots (3/8 inch)

Tombow Mono Dots adhesive

Tombow Xtreme adhesive

Misc. cardstock and tissue paper


Enjoy the rest of your week!



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