Ladder Yarn Crochet Necklaces

I wrapped up a couple of ladder yarn (also known as trellis yarn) crochet necklaces to give to some friends next week.

It’s funny… both of my grandmothers tried to teach me to crochet, but I never could get the tension right and it’d be too tight, then too loose, then…. argh! But a while back my mom bought a lovely ladder yarn necklace at a botanical gardens and I looked on line to see how it was made and gave it a whirl… They’re super easy and don’t require an even tension, so It’s something I can do. These necklaces are light as a feather and hand washable. Most everyone that I have given them to have been well pleased with them.

Here are the ones I just finished:


These were crocheted for a mother and daughter using Flame ladder yarn. The mother’s measures 24 and the daughter’s is 16 inches. They both have magnetic clasps.

This one is made from Jazzy ladder yarn… you can see it lives up to its name!…


Didn’t get the cards done yet… perhaps they’ll make another post.

Thanks for stopping by today.

– D.Ann


1 thought on “Ladder Yarn Crochet Necklaces

  1. These look so chic on! I like mine extra long (29″ or so) and doubled, but I guess that’s the same as a 16″ one.:) I love the ones you made me, and get compliments practically every time I wear them. Unsolicited, even! 🙂


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